February 2 🐱 Fun facts and questions‽

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February 23
February 23🛡⚔️ Facts and questions‽
February 2 is Groundhog Day

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Groundhog Day🐱 Cute groundhog🐱

February 2 is Groundhog Day!!
Have you heard of such a Day?

Let's find out some interesting facts about the cute Groundhog.
Let's repeat the vocabulary about animals and features of Groundhog Day!

Fun facts about the forest dweller🐱

✦ The groundhog is an excellent builder!
He builds wonderful underground structures-tunnels))
The groundhog has clear construction projects: galleries,
dwellings and winter bunkers!

✦ The groundhog is a clean animal!
It cleans its face like squirrels and licks its fur like a cat.

A Groundhog is called a whistle pig because it gives out
a high-pitched scream to warn other Groundhogs of danger.

✦ The main predators of Groundhogs are foxes, bobcats, wolves,
raccoons, bears, coyotes, dogs and eagles. But Groundhogs have excellent
"reinforced concrete" bunkers to protect against aggressors.

What do you know about Groundhog Day‽🌿

Where is Groundhog Day observed?

➔ In Britain
➔ In the USA
➔ In Canada and in the USA

Check yourself ➔

✅ In Canada and in the USA

Some people believe that Groundhogs can predict…

➔ The weather
➔ The future
➔ The time of death

Check yourself ➔

✅ The weather

On 2nd February the Groundhog wakes up from…

➔ a good night sleep
➔ Hibernation
➔ Hypnosis

Check yourself ➔

✅ Hibernation

If he comes out from his hole and sees his shadow, it means…

➔ 3 more weeks of winter weather
➔ 4 more weeks of winter weather
➔ 6 more weeks of winter weather

Check yourself ➔

✅ 6 more weeks of winter weather

If he doesn`t see his shadow…

➔ Spring weather will come
➔ Summer will start
➔ Winter will last

Check yourself ➔

✅ Spring weather will come

The largest celebration of this day is held in…

➔ Washington, DC
➔ Toronto, Canada
➔ Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

Check yourself ➔

✅ Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

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