Skates and a good mood⛸

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Skates. Курсы английского языка. Методика Центра «English Time» формирует комплексный подход к изучению языка. Наши преподаватели научат Вас не только правильно говорить, но и писать тексты, письма, эссе; воспринимать беглую речь на слух; читать адаптированную и оригинальную литературу. Курсы английского языка ENGLISH TIME г. Минск, ул. Берута, д. 3Б, оф. 719

Time to go winter skating⛸⛸
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За окном темно и холодно, а весна еще не скоро.
Зимние вечера довольно часто нагоняют тоску если... если не работает воображение.

❄️❄️ Включаем воображение и делаем вечера интересными.

Можно занять время: продукцией Netflix, English language courses, пенными ваннами,
а можно придумать настоящее зимнее яркое занятие-
❄️❄️ на каток и в коньки!!

Двигаем на коньки Go to the rink ⛸⛸

❄️❄️ А вот и текст о коньках!!!

Skates and a good mood⛸⛸

Ice skating became very popular during the 19th century and its popularity continued to grow into the early 20th century.
Cold winters during that time period frequently froze ponds, lakes, and rivers across many areas in the United States and Europe
making ice skating available to a large population.

Looking back at sports in the 19th century, ice skating was one of the only sporting activities
of the day that involved both men and women and people of all backgrounds participating in the same activity together.

How did people come up with skating: where does figure skating on an icy surface come from?

The first ice skates were made from polished animal bones and are were primarily used to help with transportation over ice.
Poles were used by the skater for pushing across the ice since the bone skates did not have sharp edges which would allow
the skate to be used for thrust.
By the 18th century, ice skates had metal blades which were mounted to a wooden platform that was then strapped to a shoe or boot.
The first ice skating clubs were formed in Europe and figure skating and speed skating started to emerge as specialized forms of ice skating.

Ice skate designs improved during the 19th century. A skate with a fixed blade that was clamped to
a shoe or boot was invented by E.V.Bushnell in 1848.
In 1865, well-known figure skater of the day, Jackson Haines, developed a skate with a blade permanently fixed to the boot.
Haines’ improvements to the ice skate made jumping and spinning much easier and safer than with the older ice skate designs.

Using the sturdy ice skates, Haines introduced a style of skating that combined ballet and dance on ice
and involved more athletic jumps than was possible with the older, clipped-on skates.
He also was the first to accompany skating routines with music.
Haines realized that his new style of figure skating was more widely accepted in Europe than
the United States so he moved to Vienna, Austria and became famous as a figure skater.
Today, Jackson Haines is known as the father of modern figure skating.

The sport of figure skating quickly developed. When ice conditions were right, ice carnivals would be organized
in cities like New York and hundreds of people would gather on the ice with skates and sleds.
The frozen ponds and rivers would become a melting pot of skaters from many different backgrounds
and income levels who often donned their winter’s finest clothing for the event.
By 1908, figure skating was made an Olympic sport.

Ice skating is a great form of recreation, which will also help restore your fitness
and bring a lot of positive emotions⛸⛸

Go to the rink❄️❄️!!

Questions about skates. Vocabulary training🎓

1. What influenced the increased popularity of ice skating at the end of the 19th century??

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Cold winters.

2. What materials were the first skates made of??

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Polished animal bones.

3. What festive events were held on the ice?

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Ice carnivals.

4. Who is considered the father of modern figure skating?

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Jackson Haines

5. When did figure skating become an Olympic sport?

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We have interesting educational classes there at the English Time school❄️❄️
Come to our school, we will discuss a trip to the skating rink⛸⛸

We are waiting for you at the lessons at English Time School:
we promise useful knowledge and a snowy mood☃

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