Environmental problems. Word formation exercise?

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Topics of environmental disasters 🌱

Due to human activity our planet, Mother – Earth is suffering a lot.
The issue of environmental protection is becoming more and more topical.

Today let`s focus on ecology🌱

Use the word given in capitals in the gaps to form a word that fits in the gap/ The ongoing EXPAND➔ expansion


The ongoing expansion/EXPAND/ of agriculture in Brazil is seriously threatening rare and vulnerable habitats such as the Amazon.

The major threat to some of these vast natural areas is the destructive power of the soya bean. Soya beans are one of Brazil`s main crops, with more than 21 million hectares under ........../CULTIVATE/.

Another crop which is causing concern is cocoa. Which has been blamed for the widespread ........../ DESTROY/ of Brazilian forests. During the ........../ ECONOMY/ boom of the 1970s, the growth in importance of this crop was a leading cause of the decline of Brazil`s ........../ DANGER/ Atlantic forests ecosystem, of which only about 10% remains.

The Cerrado, an ........../EXTEND/ woodland savanna ecosystem in Brazil, is threatened by cattle farming. The ........../GROW/ of this business is closely linked to the increase in Soya production, which poses serious concerns about the impact of this Industry on ........../SENSE/ ecosystems have been converted to fast – growing ........../ PLANT/, mainly of eucalyptus, a non – native species.

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