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Easter traditions at English Time School:) Курсы английского языка. https://et4u.by/ Методика Центра «English Time» формирует комплексный подход к изучению языка. Наши преподаватели научат Вас не только правильно говорить, но и писать тексты, письма, эссе; воспринимать беглую речь на слух; читать адаптированную и оригинальную литературу. Курсы английского языка ENGLISH TIME г. Минск, ул. Берута, д. 3Б, оф. 719 https://et4u.by/

Веселые традиции празднования Пасхи🐣
Упражнение на лексику🎓

Пасха - это радостный жизнеутверждающий праздник для всех христиан!!
Жители США и европейских стран придумали множество веселых забав на Easter Weekend🐇

Мы собрали интересные Easter Traditions...
✎ Внимательно прочитайте текст... Будет упражнение❗
Можно позаимствовать идеи для празднования Пасхи❗

Easter just like Christmas is widely celebrated and has a lot of various traditions varying from country to country.

In the US people tend to dress up as Easter Bunny and also arrange Easter egg hunt.
They throw a party centered on a traditional egg hunt for children🥚🥚🥚

In Poland, they throw buckets of water on each other and the tradition is called “Smigus-dyngus”.
They throw water on anyone that walks along the street, even kids tend to carry water guns and buckets of water.

In France they associate Easter with fish (no one knows why) and that is why
a lot of chocolate fish is sold starting from April 1. This fish is often called April Fish🐟🐟🐟

In Italy they start having any fun activities only on Monday, a day after Easter.
One special attribute is an unusual game involving 4 kilos of cheese.
It is fun as the players are supposed to roll the cheese around the village walls.🧀🧀🧀

Match the halves of expressions to remember Easter traditions🎓

Whatever your country’s tradition, bear in mind the purpose of celebrating Easter to be truly blessed.
🌱🌱Happy Easter!🌱🌱

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