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Try to solve the puzzles🧩

Columbus Day -October 12⛵️
Thanksgiving Day. Funny Vocabulary🦃

Головоломки для развития памяти🧩🧩

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Изучение английского однозначно способствует развитию памяти, внимания и логического мышления,

в процессе обучения нужно понять логику другого языка, запомнить тысячи новых слов и обращать внимание
на такие мелочи как предлоги, окончания и артикли.
Думали ли Вы, что можно развивать внимание, разгадывая головоломки на английском?

Puzzles in English have an elegant style.

To your attention, several original puzzles in English.

Try to solve the puzzles🧩🧩

Each stick has two ends. How many ends are there in 4 sticks?
How about five and a half sticks?

Birds were flying over a river: a pigeon, two tits, a herring, two swifts and five eels.
How many birds were flying?

Fabian’s mother has three children.
She is a very caring and thoughtful mom.
She has made bags for each child of hers and written their names on the bags:
Rick, Ron and…
What is the third child’s name?

Test yourself..
  • Sticks - 8, 12
  • Birds - 5- because a herring and a eel are not birds but fish
  • Child - Fabian
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