Снова тренируем Лексикон

Тренируем Лексикон
Prepositions practice
lexicon from guardsman

Работаем со Словарным Запасом и совершенствуемся🎓

✎Обогащаем Лексикон..
✎Подбираем слова и выражения..

Let's practice our Lexicon🎓

1.Name the opposite of Rich ..... Deep ..... Heavy .....

Check yourself
  • Rich - poor
  • Deep - shallow
  • Heavy – .....
  • 2.Say which sport uses a racket

    Check yourself
    and table tennis

    3.Name two things found in the Kitchen ..... Bathroom ..... Bedroom .....

    Check yourself
  • Kitchen – plate, oven
  • Bathroom – .....
  • Bedroom – .....
  • For example, juice
    Think up something more complicated. It is too easy.

    4.Name five things you can eat

    Check yourself
    Don`t feel lazy 😉
    It is too easy 😉

    5.Name four insects

    Check yourself
    Таракан, стрекоза, оса, комар

    English, please!!!

    6.Name the one who would use a briefcase ......, a whistle .....

    Check yourself
  • A briefcase - businessman
  • A whistlecoach
  • 7.Say what you would keep in a wardrobe

    Check yourself
    For example, `Clothes`

    8.Name four wild animals

    Check yourself
    Don`t feel lazy 😉
    It is too easy 😉

    9.Name two vegetables that begin with `C`

    Check yourself

    10.Say how many things there are in a dozen

    Check yourself
    NB: In Britain eggs are sold not in tens, but in dozens 🛒

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