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Vocabulary training. Supernatural on Halloween.

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Halloween Party: Trick or treat🎃
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Thanksgiving 24/11🦃 Training vocabulary🎓

English Time team

Riddles about Supernatural on Halloween🔥🔥

12 hours      Pre-Intermediate

В канун Хэллоуина, в то время, когда вся нечисть проявляет свое бытие и жаждет натворить пакостей,
-концентрируемся и работаем над лексикой!
On the eve of Halloween, at the time when all evil spirits manifest their being and are eager to do mischief
-🎓concentrate and work on vocabulary🎓

Изучать новые слова всегда интересно, а еще лучше, если это лексика о Supernatural…

Захватывает и увлекает – Do you know what I mean???!
Хэллоуин окутан аурой таинственных мистических существ😈
За каждым существом многолетние (даже многовековые) повествования.
Образ каждого хэллоуинского персонажа уникален магическими силами😈,
сверхъестественной природой и `особым настроением` для компании😎
Что такое `особое настроение`??! Да это почти личные качества существа))
Ведьмы злые, у черного кота `черный` юмор, вампиры кровожадные.
Итак, у Нас сегодня загадки!!!

Изучаем английский и прорабатываем Vocabulary about Magic ⍺ Supernatural😈

Read the description and guess who this creature is😈..

Most of the time, you would never guess I was a monster because I look just like you. But once a month, I let my hair down and howl at the moon. But beware! If I bite you will become like me....

Test yourself. That's who that is..

Dressed in black, I brew potions, I cast spells, and I put curses on people.
If you bother me or my cat, you'll sit on a lily pad and eat flies.....

Test yourself. That's who that is..

I was wrapped in white and buried in my tomb a long time ago. Now, I wait in the dark with my golden treasures all around. Outside the sand piles high over top my tomb.....

Test yourself. That's who that is..

I am a monster that has been on a diet. There is no fat on me! Or muscle either! You might say that I am all skin and bones --without the skin. I rattle when I walk. And my teeth chatter when I talk.....

Test yourself. That's who that is..

I walk through walls as I please. Sometimes you can see me and sometimes you can't. I moan and I groan. I rattle chains. You find me in old houses, graveyards, and castles.....

Test yourself. That's who that is..

I live under bridges and in caves. I eat travelers that pass my way. I am large and ugly. I carry a club. Think of a word that rhymes with 'roll.'.....

Test yourself. That's who that is..

Made of metal, I do the work of my master who controls me by remote control.
My master made me to take over the world.....

Test yourself. That's who that is..

Welcome! Have a seat. Dinner will be served shortly. Sorry we don't have any garlic bread. I can't stand it. What am I drinking you ask? Don't worry . . . it's . . um . . . grape juice. Now just relax while I look at your neck.....

Test yourself. That's who that is..
Уже скоро Halloween Party🌟 Используйте наши подсказки Halloween costumes!!
🔥🔥Happy Hallowen🔥🔥

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